The Friends of the Children's Justice Center of Kauai strive to pono no na keiki, or help children during times of transition and need. Whether it's offering help through our Enhancement Program, or by educating and advocating for the community, We offer the type of connection they so desperately need and deserve.

Whether it's offering a touchstone, something that is a child's own, even a backpack full of new belongings, or counseling services, the Friend's is proud to be an invaluable resource for agencies, families and children on Kaua'i.

  • Health - Medical, dental and psychological services not covered by other resources

  • Education - Tutoring, GED preparation, partial private school tuition, school supplies and uniforms

  • Transportation - Funds for school excursions, therapeutic family visits and travel with family

  • Special Needs - Clothing, food, utilities, housing and other needs of the child

  • Self Esteem/Self Worth - Opportunities to pursue special interest activities through participation in age appropriate community activities