Our Mission

To make a positive difference for Kauai's abused and neglected children through awareness, advocacy, assistance and support of the
Children's Justice Center of Kauai.


Our Background

Created in 1991 as a support system for the work of the Children's Justice Center of Kauai, the Friends, a non profit organization, helps children who have been abused and aims to prevent child abuse on Kauai.  Children who have been traumatized often need help and support to heal and grow into healthy, active young people who are able to participate fully in age appropriate activities with their families, friends, school and communities.  Children who are removed from an abusive situation also are faced with an immediate hole in their lives, and though they may be living in foster homes or with relatives away from their biological families, funds for everyday, normal child activities may not be available to them. Especially in instances where case workers or public entities are involved.  That's where the Friends of the Children's Justice Center of Kauai can help.  Building a bridge for an innocent child whose world has been turned upside down, often at the hands of a trusted adult. Learn more about our programs.


"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of happier life for ourselves."

— Helen Keller